Renewing Applicants

Renewal Applications

We so enjoy having you as a resident in one of our communities. As your lease expiration date comes closer, we truly hope that you are planning to renew and remain with us. Let’s get the renewal application process started so we can smoothly get you renewed as soon as possible. To begin, please

  • 1 Download and print the Renewal Application Packet here. Each adult listed on the lease must have a separate, completed Renewal Application Packet.
  • 2 Please read carefully – particularly the half-page Renewal Application to Rent Checklist as it itemizes all of the documents and documentation you will need to complete your application.
  • 3 Fill in all required information on all forms.
  • 4 Sign all forms where signature is required.
  • 5 Bring with you a cashier’s check or money order for the application fee ($35 per adult who will be listed on the lease – this would include a co-signer or guarantor).
  • 6 Call our Leasing Office at 801-466-7600 to make an appointment to submit your renewal application.
  • 7 If you are out-of-state and cannot be present physically, you can complete the application, sign where required, gather all of your required documentation (ids, pay stubs, etc.), scan everything and email it to or or mail the entire packet plus the cashier’s check or money order for the application fee (see above) to:

The Monterrey Apartments I LLC
1155 E 200 S, #106 - Office
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

If you email your application and are approved, please be aware that you will need to provide the originals of your documentation to us prior to formally signing a lease.

If you are not planning on renewing your lease with us, please remember that a written and signed notice as stated in your current lease should be provided to the Leasing Office within 60 days prior to the expiration date of your lease.